Fix Spots On Rubber Plant Leaves

Rubber plant which is usually referred to as Ficus elastic is one lovely type of houseplant characterized by its dark and glossy leaves.

Rubber plant spots on leaves show dark brown patches and this is usually from the tip and edges of the leaves.... 

Rubber Plant Spots On Leave

Rubber plant spots can be caused by over-watering, poor drainage, root rot, nutrient deficiency, harsh weather like scorching sun and frost damage..

Spots Causes, Symptoms, And Management

This is caused when you leave your plant in a wet and humid condition. The leaves can look shrivel, blacken, and drop off.....

Septoria Leaf Spot

Trim off and destroy the diseased, drooped, or any dead parts of the leaves. Space out your houseplants so that there can be adequate air circulation. 

Resolving The Situation 

This  is caused by a parasite known as Cephaleuros virescens and this thrives in a humid and warm environment. You may notice pale green, gray...


If the algae leaf spot is too severe, use a copper-base fungicide or Bordeaux mixture biweekly. Apply until the algae leaf spot has been eliminated..

Resolving The Situation 

This affects rubber plants and it mostly occurs in cool and humid conditions. You will notice colonies on the underside of leaves....


Horticultural oil such as neem oil can be applied to the plant to prevent the spread and colonization of other leaves in the early stages.

Resolving The Situation 

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