Germinating Seeds In Rockwool Cubes

Germinating seeds in rockwool cubes will be a great process for your plant’s growing experience. Rockwool is a soil-free medium or substrate used for starting seeds. They can as well be used in hydroponics or stem rooting.

Rockwool are made from spinning chalk and basalt rock which are formed into a thick mat of natural fibers. The combinations are made to look like the consistency of cotton candy. The spun fibers are then combined with a binding agent.

Get To Know What Rockwool Cubes Are

Seed germination requirements can sometimes demand careful and precise planning or process. Take for instance moisture requirements: ...

Guide On Germinating Seeds In Rockwool Cubes

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How To Start Seeds In Rockwool

The first step to take in germinating seeds in rockwool cubes is the preparation of the rockwool cubes. Rockwool cubes need to be soaked in pH adjusted reverse osmosis water before use. They don’t require too much soaking; however, ensure the cubes are fully absorbed in water.

Here are the benefits your seeds stand to enjoy using rockwool cube for germinating seeds ...

Benefits Of Start Seeds In Rockwool

Rockwool cubes are a great substrate for seed starters. They are safe and will provide your seed with good moisture and oxygen for optimal germination.

Closing Remark- Rockwool Germination

Rockwool cubes will keep your seeds moist at the same time preventing your seeds from sitting in a waterlogged environment. They can retain just the right amount of water to keep your seeds from drying out thereby improving the germination of your seeds.


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