Get To Know How Many Basil Seeds Per Pot

Growing and adding basil to your vegetable garden can be pretty beneficial. Basil is a very versatile plant that is used in our various dishes such as salads, sandwiches, pizza, soups, pasta, and so on. They are also useful in terms of medicinal use.

Basil is easily grown in pots or containers and with some attention and extra effort, you can enjoy the result of fresh basil. All kinds of containers can work for basil to be grown in. 

Growing Basil In Pot 

Ideally, you can sprinkle or sow around 5 to 8 basil seeds per pot or container. Use potting soil and make sure you moist the soil so it can remain a bit moist and make sure the soil isn’t soggy.

How Many Basil Seeds Per Pot?

Starting basil plant from seed may sound new to you. But not to worry because this can go pretty easy for you if you do things the right way. Basil is also a fast-growing plant or herb that can germinate from seed in just about a week.

Growing Basil From Seed 

Even though it’s pretty easy and fast to just purchase basil seedlings from your local garden stores or even local farmers’ market. There are still some wonderful benefits to growing basil from seeds.

Why You Should Consider Growing Basil From Seed

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Why You Should Consider Growing Basil From Seed

– Growing Basil From Seed Is Easy – Cost-effective – Advantages Of Successive Planting


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