Get To Know Some Of The Best Worms For Vegetable Garden

If you have a farm that you grow vegetables on, then you should know that come certain worms can help to boost your soil quality. Below the surface of the soil inhabits an ecosystem with life that include worms. So, these worms provide some health benefits to our garden soil.

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Best Worms For Vegetable Garden

1.    Earthworm 2.    Nightcrawlers (Lumbricus Terrestris) 3.    Red Wigglers (Eisebia Foetida)

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Earthworms are natural dwellers that you can find sitting down below your soil. However, red wigglers may not be found naturally in your garden. You may need to introduce red wigglers from outside source. 

Should Red Worms Be Introduced Into Our Garden?

Red wigglers don’t burrow into the soil as earthworms do. So, introducing red wigglers in the topmost part of your soil can probably get them eaten by birds.

Is It Possible For Earthworms And Red Worms To Live Together?

Beneficial worms help digest all organic matter that enters our soil system. Worms help by making all nutrients available to the plants.

What Are The Benefits Of Adding Worms To Garden?

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