Get To Know The Different Types Of Arugula

The Arugula plant is an annual leafy vegetable that grows very fast such that you can begin to harvest the leaves in just a few weeks. It belongs to the mustard family grown as a salad green that is flavorful.

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Types Of Arugula: Some Of The Best Varietie

1.    Italian Cress 2.    Astro 3.    Slow bolt 4.    Garden Tangy 5.    Red Dragon


Generally, it takes 40 days from seeding for arugula to be ready for harvesting. Well, it is possible to have two arugula seasons if you time it right. The first can be during spring to the beginning of summer and then another at the end of summer into fall. 

The Ideal Period To Plant Arugula

Sow seeds about quarter-inch deep then one inch apart in rows 10 inches apart. You should begin to notice seeds sprouting in about a week.

Planting Arugula

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