Green And Soil Amendment - Comparison

The green sand soil supplement is necessary for improving the mineral content of your soil. This organic soil supplement is widely available at many organic and nursery centers and contains a high quantity of minerals giving the gritty mix of a greenish color its name. Without further ado, read on to find out.

Green sand is the bottom sediment deposit layer harvested from ancient ocean floors. Recently it has gone through a weathering process turning it into a fine sand texture. The greenish color the sand has comes from minerals such as iron ore and glauconite. 

What Is The Green Sand Soil Amendment?

This is the process that the green sand goes through from harvesting to packaging preparing it and getting it ready for gardeners to use in their farms.

What Is Green Sand In Casting?

Green sand provides a slow and gentle release of minerals protecting your plants from the classic root burn that fertilizers cause. Using this supplement as a soil conditioner provides a good source of potassium in a 0-0-3 ratio.

What Does Green Sand Do For Your Soil?

Green sand is a soil amendment that helps better the condition of your soil it works to loosen the soil and improve heavily compacted clay soil. Waste material goes down into the soil pushing heavy particles apart.

Why Is Green Sand Helpful?

As a general rule mix 2 cups of green sand into the soil around each plant. For broadcast applications, use a ratio of 50 to 100 pounds per 1,000 feet of soil.

How Much Green Sand Do I Add To My Soil?

If you are not sure how much green sand to add apply larger amounts of this supplement as a safe bet. Green sand does not burn your plants or over-fertilize them.

Can You Use Too Much Green Sand?

Green sand is not only used in your flower bed rather you can use it on your loan in farm pastures among your berry plantings or in your orchard. The ph level of green sand varies depending on where it was harvested and other influences in the soil.

Where To Use Green Sand

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Where To Use Green Sand

Starting Seed  House Plants Fruit Trees 

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Where To Use Green Sand

Vegetable Gardens  Yard  Compost Pile 

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