Green Bean Inoculant -  All You Need To Know

what exactly is inoculant?  What role does it play and why should we consider using one for our green beans or peas? Green beans, black beans, peas, and so on are all members of the legume (Fabaceae) family. These legumes are well known for their aid in fixing nitrogen into the soil. This article will go over what you need to know about green bean inoculant and other related info. So, read on to gain some knowledge.

An inoculant is a type of bacteria or fungus that is often applied or added to the soil through the process of coating bean seed or pea seed. Known as beans or peas boosters. Usually, the inoculants often come in powder but you may also come across liquid inoculants.  

What Is An Inoculant?

Plants require nitrogen to make amino acids which is a building block for protein and other plant components. Ideally, we have 78% of nitrogen gas in the atmosphere.

Inoculants & Nitrogen Fixing Bacteria

Inoculating seeds involves coating or covering the seed surface with nitrogen-fixing bacteria such as Rhizobium or Bradyrhizobium. Inoculating seeds with nitrogen-fixing bacteria is always done prior to planting.

Seed Inoculant

There are many bacteria used in inoculation. The bacteria often used for inoculating legumes like beans are Rhizobium bacteria. Rhizobium is also  a pea inoculant.

Inoculant For Green Bean And Pea

It’s pretty easy inoculating your green bean and pea seeds. Simply purchase your legume inoculant from your local nursery store or online. But take note that some legume seeds may have already been coated with an inoculant.

How To Use Inoculant On Green Bean & Pea

-Normally, Rhizobium bacteria are present in many soils.  -Seed inoculation will offer your legume plant stronger and bigger yields.


-Inoculants make nitrogen more readily available for plants use. -Once, you’ve inoculated and planted a legume crop on a particular soil, there will be sufficient availability of the specific bacteria you’ve inoculated.


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