Grow Light Color Temp

Are you ready to learn about grow light color temp? Let’s get started. When it comes to indoor hydroponic gardening, one crucial aspect is the grow light color temperature. Grow light supplies your plants adequate light that mimics sunlight so they don’t miss out on utilization of the required light.

Let’s talk about the color spectrum of sunlight. In a standard situation, plants make use of sunlight. The colors we see sunlight produce is usually white light or yellowish-white light.

Color Spectrum

Plants develop and progress with their life cycle from seedlings, adult, flowering, and then to the fruiting phase. Therefore, different colors of light are required for all these stages of a plant’s life cycle.

Grow Light Color Temp

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Kelvin Scale Of Temperatures

Let’s take a look at the Kelvin scale which is expressed in color temp. It is used to express the appearance of different color temp. From the Kelvin scale, we can see the soft tones of the red light spectrum at the lower end.

HID (high-pressure sodium and metal halide) are the traditional grow lights we know of.

Grow Light Color Temp: HID & Fluorescence Grow Light

LED grow lights are one of the most accurate types of light. This is because they will supply you with the exact or accurate grow light color temp your plants need.

Grow Light Color Temp: LED

Plants make use of light for the photosynthesis process and this is made possible by some chemicals or pigments present in the plant leaves. Examples of these pigments include Chlorophyll A and B, carotenoids, etc.

Light Colors Spectrum Pigment That Plant Use

The plant life cycle will require the various color of light for different stages of the life cycle. All hydroponic gardeners need to know about grow light color so they can enjoy optimal production.

Final Note

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