Grow Room Equipment Checklist

Cultivation in an indoor space is becoming most growers’ favorite as it offers lots of advantages...

1.    Grow Space Or Room 2.    Grow Lights 3.    Air Circulation 4.    Seed Starter For Seed Sowing 5.    Grow Media & Container

Indoor Grow Room Supplies Checklist

6.    Nutrients Solution 7.    PH Meter & PPM (Measuring Supplies) 8.    Timer 9.    Pruners & Harvesting 10. Cost Of Electricity

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1.    Grow Space Or Room

The first thing on your checklist is growing space. Ensure you have an area where you can conveniently cultivate your crops and allow them to spread as they grow. You can make use of a grow tent or simply build a grow room or convert any space in your house into a grow room...

Whichever type of grow light you wish to use (such as LED, HID, CMH, T5, etc), grow light is one important supply for the success of your garden...

2.    Grow Lights

Air circulation needs to be incorporated in your grow room. Normally, grow tents should have two holes: one for fresh air inlet and the other for air out for stale air...

3.  Air Circulation

So, that’s it on grow room equipment checklist. By now you should know what to look for and how to start your indoor growing farm. Happy growing!


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