Grow Time For Artichoke

Adorned with long leaves with very elegant attractive blooms, artichokes are a great addition to your vegetable garden. The process of growing artichokes is not difficult. With proper planting and timing, watering and pruning, your artichokes harvest is bound to be bountiful.

Artichokes are mostly edible, but the portion of the plant usually eaten is the immature flower bud. This is found at the center of the plant, formed before the artichokes blooms.  

About Artichoke Plant

Artichokes can generally begin to produce from about 90 days after transplant. The exact time frame is however dependent on the variety.

Growing Duration For Artichoke

While artichokes may be grown and transplanted, they may also be grown from seed. Starting artichokes from seed is however more difficult and requires more attention.

Growing Artichoke From Seed

Artichokes growing are usually very slow starters after they are planted. Plant the seeds two to three seeds in each 3 to 4-inch pot.

Germination Of Artichoke

Artichokes are usually ready to be harvested when you notice that the edible flower buds are tightly closed and slightly squeak when squeezed.

Harvesting And Storage Of Artichoke

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Varieties Of Artichoke

Green Globe  Big Heart  Imperial Star  Purple of Romagna  Violetto 

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