Growing Asparagus Hydroponically

Interested in growing asparagus hydroponically? If yes, we will enlighten you about it in this article. The tasty asparagus vegetables can be grown hydroponically with the right knowledge and you will enjoy amazing benefits from it.

Known to be warmth-loving plants. In fact, during the cold period, it goes into dormancy to stay alive. This shows it will be great for warm indoors hydroponic farming where you can comfortably adjust the environment to suit its growing needs.

A Little About Asparagus

1. Propagation By Crowns: are simply one-year-old roots of asparagus which has been grown from seeds. Therefore, they are simply roots ready to be planted.

Guidelines On Growing Asparagus Hydroponically

2. Propagation From Seeds: it is time-consuming and requires lots of patience as it can take up to a year of growth until harvest time.


There are various hydroponic systems to make use of. However, we recommend a Dutch bucket system, deep water culture, or Kratky system to raise your asparagus plants.

Hydroponic System To Use

A well-balanced nutrient solution suited for the vegetative stage is ideal for it. Use this for the entire active growing stage of hydroponic asparagus.

Ideal Nutrient Solution For Growing Asparagus Hydroponically

Now to the harvesting period which is our most anticipated period: you can begin harvesting the first year after planting. Just make sure you harvest a few spears from each plant. Don’t do this at a go, do it for about 2 weeks and stop till the next harvest.


Now, we have seen that growing asparagus plants hydroponically is possible with the right comprehension. Make sure to follow our guidelines and we wish you successful asparagus growing.


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