Growing Microgreens Hydroponically

Over these last few years, microgreens have seriously gained some popularity. It’s no news that anything greens are great, and when they come in tiny bits, it’s even better...

A hydroponic micro-green simply entails cultivating your little veggies or herbs in a nutrient-filled solution without the mess of soil...

Hydroponic Microgreens

Here are the benefits of growing micro-greens hydroponically: 1. Grown them anywhere 2. Smaller water quantity consumption 3. Some micro-greens thrive well hydroponically 4. No soil or compost mess 5. Adequate control

Benefits of Growing Microgreens Hydroponically

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Getting Started

1. Prepare the Balanced pH Water 2. Prepare the Growing Medium and Add Seeds 3. Cover the Seeds and Mist 4. Proper Light 5. Checks 6. Water 7. Harvest

To begin, one of the most important steps is to prepare your pH balanced water. The range should be around 5.5 to 6.5. You can add lime or wood ash to elevate the pH range and phosphoric acid to reduce the pH range...

Prepare the Balanced pH Water

Next prepare your growing tray with coconut coir and sow your seeds evenly on the grow tray. Spray the seeds using the bottle sprayer with clean water or nutrient solution.

Prepare the Growing Medium and Add Seeds

If you would like to grow micro-greens commercially or on a larger scale, you will have to take advantage of the vertical set up. This means you will opt for a vertical hydroponic system that is efficient in terms of more space and greater production.


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