Gypsum For Lawns

When you apply gypsum to your lawn, it will serve as a rectifying substance to most of your lawn problems. It will bring your lawn back to life and make your turf grow in a better way.

You need gypsum for your lawn, especially during the winter months. When the cold, snowy winter approaches and your area is the salty regions (especially coastal and arid region)...

Why You Need Gypsum for Your Lawns

Benefits of Applying Gypsum to Your Lawns

Reduces Coil Compaction: if the soil in your area is compact, especially clay soil, gypsum will be of great help to the soil.

Neutralizer for Pet Urine: most homeowner with pets suffers from pet urinating on their lawns...

Thick Brush Stroke

Recommended Gypsum For Your Lawns

Espoma GG36 Garden Gypsum Soil Conditioner, 36-Pound  It serves as a good neutralizer from pets’ urine that can burn your lawn...


Pennington Fast Acting Gypsum Fertilizer, 30-Pound It will help break up those thick soils making the turf’s roots...


Oldcastle Kolorscape 54055006 Yardright Soil Doctor Pelletized Gypsum Soil Conditioner, 40-Pound Oldcastle is a type of pelleted gypsum that will boost the growth of your lawn and make your turf green and attractive...


By now, you should know why applying gypsum to your lawns is a great thing to do! You can apply gypsum to your lawn at any period of the year. However, you should read instructions to know the best application time that will suit your lawn. You can apply gypsum to your lawn two or three times a year.


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