Gypsum Soil Amendment: Is Gypsum Good for Soil?

If you’ve been planning to use gypsum for soil amendment, you may be wondering if it is the right option for your garden. The fact is that gypsum has a lot of application in the garden, and can equally be useful in amending clay soil.

Gypsum is the naturally occurring mineral referred to as calcium sulfate dihydrate. It is used mainly as a fertilizer and also in the making of drywall, plaster, and blackboard. There are varieties of the mineral that is also used ...

What is Gypsum?

We use gypsum mainly in our garden to plant vegetables in the heavy clay subsoil we have at our backyard. It made it easy for us to till the soil once we ...

Uses of Gypsum in the Garden 

Thick Brush Stroke

Nutrients Contained in Gypsum

Before you make use of gypsum for soil amendment, it is only right that you find out its nutritional value to your soil. Gypsum is mainly sold for gardening as a dry powder so it can be easily applied. The major nutrients in the gypsum powder are sulfur and calcium. Plants need ...

Before you use gypsum in your garden, you must carry out a soil test to determine the nutrient condition of the soil. Gypsum reduces the level of salt in the soil which makes it suitable for use in ...

Using Gypsum for Soil Amendment


Other Alternatives to Gypsum


Lawn clippings


Autumn leaves




Gypsum doesn’t contain any plant nutrient but composes mainly of calcium and sulfur. It isn’t a good choice of fertilizer for your soil but can be used as a simple method to loosen clay soil and soften the subsoil.


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