Harvesting Coriander Seeds - What You Need To Know

Even though coriander seeds are obtained from the cilantro plant, these seeds offer different flavors from cilantro leaves. So, in case you’re not a fan of cilantro leaves, you can give the coriander seed a try because they tend to taste totally different from the leaves. In this guide, we will be looking into harvesting coriander seeds, what the coriander seed taste like, their culinary applications, and others.

The cilantro plant is a cool-season crop. So, harvesting the coriander seeds of the cilantro herb is done when the plant enters into bolting stage. Once the plant has entered the bolting stage, it will flower and produce coriander seeds. 

Harvesting Coriander Seed

The beauty of growing cilantro is that you can aim to harvest both the leaves as well as the seeds. But what we will be looking at is how to harvest the coriander seed.

Harvest Coriander

-Let the cilantro plant flower and produce  seeds. -Pinch off the stem near the bottom of the stalk with the seed heads


-Then proceed to hang the stems upside down in a paper bag in a cool and dry place.  -Then you can proceed to store your coriander seeds.


The cilantro plant loves is mostly grown in North America for its leaves, but the seeds are as well great to harvest and use in our different cuisines. The ideal temperature for cilantro to flourish is around 50 to 85 degrees Fahrenheit .

How To Grow Cilantro To Aim For Coriander Seeds Harvest

Once you’ve harvested the coriander seeds and it has dropped off into the paper bag, the dried seeds should be stored in an air-tight jar.

Storing Coriander Seed

The taste of coriander seed is simply unique. It has this citrusy and slightly nutty flavor. You can as well say it taste like citrus and curry, with a light and sweet flavor.

What Does Coriander Seed Taste Like?

Coriander seeds can be incorporated or used in various types of cuisines. Used in various parts of the world including Latin American, Mexico, the United States, and so on.

Coriander Culinary Application

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