How Are rapid Rooters Made?

Rapid rooter is a variety of starter plug and it is loved by both traditional growers and hydroponic gardeners. Using rapid rooters in your hydroponic garden will give you ease to gardening. They will give your seeds or plants an excellent germination rate. So, here is what you need to know about what rapid rooters are made of.

Rapid rooter can be composed of sphagnum peat moss or tree barks. This peat moss is composed of all-natural soil-less decomposed organic materials which are mostly sphagnum peat moss or tree barks. 

What Are Rapid Rooters Made Of?

Rapid rooter plugs are great for starting seeds which you can transplant into your hydroponics or outdoor soil afterward.  You can as well use it for cloning plants cuttings and also as a growing medium in your hydroponics system.

Why Use Rapid Rooter Plugs?

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How To Use Rapid Rooter

Step 1- Soaking Step 2- Plant your seeds Step 3- Water Your Grow Tray Step 4- Supply with low-intensity light Step 5- Germination


Your rapid rooter plugs need to be stored properly to prevent them from going bad. Inappropriate storage of rapid rooter plugs can cause pathogens, mold, and fungi infestation.

Storing Rapid Rooter PlugS

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