How I Compost Horse Manure Fast

Eggshells have a lot of benefits in the garden. What most people don’t know is that instead of tossing broken eggshells into the trash can, it can be collected for use in keeping pests away from the garden and in making compost.

The best way to add eggshells to a compost pile is to first wash them and then dry them out in the sun. once dried, you can then grind it into a fine powder. This makes it easy for it to be broken down by the micro-organisms in the soil or compost pile.

How to Compost Eggshells

You can add eggshells directly to the soil to improve the nutrient content. Yes! Eggshells can be used as fertilizer to improve your garden soil. However, you must process it into the ...

Adding Eggshells to Soil

Thick Brush Stroke

Other Uses of Eggshell



Snail Repellant


Reduce Disease Infection


Food for Birds

Remember that before adding them to your compost or soil, you need to first ensure they are washed and dried properly. Afterward, you can then grind them into a fine powder before working it into your garden soil.


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