How Deep To Plant Lettuce- The Ideal Planting Depth

Lettuce is a cool-season crop so they flourish well during spring and fall. Lettuce seeds are easily sown directly into the soil as soon as the ground soil can be worked on. It may please you to know that lettuce grows rapidly and it can take only a month from seed planting for baby greens to be harvested.

The dept that is ideal to plant lettuce seed is around 1/8 to ¼ of an inch deep. It is important you don’t sow lettuce seeds too deep. This is because lettuce seed requires light to germinate.

How Deep To Plant Lettuce

You can start your lettuce seeds either indoors and then transplant or sow them directly in the garden. How deep to sow your lettuce seeds should be 5mm (1/4”). Or you can plant them where there will be all-around moisture in the soil which is the topmost layer of the soil.

Starting Lettuce Seed

Thick Brush Stroke

Tips On Growing Lettuce

--Water Appropriately --Soil  Cover Or Shade Lettuce When Needed


To sow lettuce seed in containers, choose a good soil and before planting, make sure you add half a tablespoon of time-releasing fertilizer per gallon of soil.

Growing Lettuce In Container

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