How Do Broccoli Seeds Look?

If you want to know what do broccoli seeds look like, you can try it in your garden next time you plant broccoli and see the results. If you allow your broccoli plant to mature past the time of harvesting its head, the blooms will open and potentially be pollinated, resulting in seed production. Collect, store these seeds to plant them over several growing seasons in the future. Saving seeds from your garden is a wise choice that has many advantages.

Whether you are a first-time gardener or an experienced veteran, saving broccoli seeds from your garden is the best thing you will ever do.  When growing broccoli, plan your garden space to include a few extra plants of different varieties that you can plan to collect seeds from. 

Why Save Broccoli Seeds From The Garden

Broccoli seeds are smaller than most seeds. Most gardeners are shocked that such a large plant produces very tiny seeds. Broccoli seeds are black or brown in color.

What Do Broccoli Seeds Look Like?

Broccoli seeds are found at the pod that forms after the yellow blooms grow from your broccoli heads. Generally, if you allow your broccoli to bolt or flower, the next step is the formation of seed pods.

Where Do Broccoli Seeds Form?

To harvest your broccoli plant seeds pull the entire plant from the soil and allow the pods to dry on the stalk. You will need to be extra careful to get them out of the pod without destroying them.

Harvesting Your Broccoli SeedS

Broccoli seeds are best preserved by storing them in a cool, dry place where they should remain viable for up to 2 years. Seeds that are older than 2 years may not be viable.

Storing Your Harvested Seed

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