How Do You Know When It Is Time To Pick Artichokes?

Picking artichokes comes with relative ease as you are only required to pay attention to a few things and follow the due process. Planting and caring for the artichokes can be considered to be the hard part. Once you are done with that part, picking or harvesting is relatively easy.

It is important to have background knowledge and understanding about the artichoke plant as this will give you insight into how it should be picked. The buds of the plant are what get picked when the plant is matured enough for harvesting. 

About Artichoke Plant – When To Pick Artichoke

Artichokes usually stay green and alive for a period of about five years. Production by the plant however begins about a year after planting. During the season, you will notice that about 10 or more stalks are produced by the mature plant.

When To Pick Artichoke

-Cut the artichoke bud from the stalk using a knife, garden pruner, or lopper.  -Repeat the above for all the buds ready for picking. -Cut the entire plant down just slightly above soil level.

How To Pick Artichokes – When To Pick Artichoke

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Planting Artichokes: Tips For Growing Artichoke

· Pick the Right Location · Prepare the Soil Adequately  · Plant your Artichokes  · Water Artichokes Consistently · Apply Artichoke Fertilizer · Harvesting/Pruning

Yellow Leaf
Yellow Leaf
Yellow Leaf

After the plant has been picked, the need may arise for it to be stored. This may be done by putting the artichokes harvested in a refrigerator immediately after harvesting occurs.

Storing Artichokes 

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