How Long Does Blood Meal Last In Soil?

One question people want to know is how long does blood meal last in soil. You’ve probably heard about blood meal is beneficial to plants. Perhaps, you’re interested in using it as fertilizer.

Blood meal is an organic fertilizer that’s made out of dried animal blood coming from slaughterhouses. It has an NPK ratio of 12.5-1.5-0.6. It’s all-natural, a safe ...

What is Blood Meal for Plants?

Blood Meal is a slow-release fertilizer that can last around 2 to 6 weeks in soil. In powder or granular form and in varying sizes, ...

How Long Does Blood Meal Last In Soil?- Factors to Consider

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Decomposition Process

Type of Organic Material


Type of Microbes


Type of Environment

Apply blood meal 2 weeks before planting. This technique gives enough time for the microbes to make nutrients available in time for planting.  Also, blood meal has a very high ...

Application Process

Apply 1 cup per 20 square feet of soil. Excessive application is detrimental. Too much nitrogen causes dehydration because of the salts it leaves behind in the plant, ...

Blood Meal Application Rate

As a slow-release organic fertilizer, blood meal lasts in the soil approximately from 2 to 6 weeks. Results may take a while to show but it surely does its job.


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