How Low A Temp Can Tomatoes And Carrots Grow?

Suppose you have plenty of decent gardening and realize that the weather is threatening with an early frost you have to protect it. Tomatoes and peppers are some of the crops that do not do well in the winter season. You have to harvest them before the frost falls and try to ripen them indoors.

According to the USDA Research Service, tomatoes show problems when temperatures drop below 50 degrees Fahrenheit. Cool nighttime temperatures interfere with the tomato’s ability to convert the sunlight into sugars via a process known as photosynthesis. 

Lowest Temperatures For Tomatoes And Pepper

To protect your tomato and pepper plants from frost, you will need two things –  sturdy garden stakes or tomato cages and bubble wrap

Protecting Your Tomatoes And Pepper

The minimum temperature to germinate and grow tomatoes and peppers is at least 15 degrees Centigrade.  However, germination will happen faster when the temperature is above 20 to 24 degrees centigrade.

Germination And Growing Temperatures 

Generally, tomatoes require a favorable temperature between 15 degrees to 32 degrees Centigrade to survive. However, there are specific tomato varieties purposely bred for cooler climates with the ability to tolerate temperatures below 55 degrees Fahrenheit.

Tomato Varieties For Cooler Climate

Temperatures that rise above 27 degrees centigrade, cause both tomatoes and peppers to suffer from too much heat. When they hit 32 degrees centigrade, the fruits will fail to set, and you will lose productivity on your plants.

Tomato Varieties For Hot Region

-First, don’t plant your peppers and  tomatoes in the wrong season -Second, ensure the soil is at the proper temperatures when growing.

How Do You Solve The Temperature Problem 

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