How Many Tomato Seeds Per Hole Is Ideal?

Tomatoes are juicy and delicious and they are used in different cooking. Tomatoes are easy to grow but when it comes to sowing their seeds, you need to plant their seeds correctly. We shall answer these questions and more here.

It may be fine to put one seed of tomato per hole. However, putting an extra seed or even up to three can serve as a backup plan in case one of the seeds doesn’t sprout successfully.  

How Many Tomato Seeds Per Hole?

Seed germination rates are the probabilities that a particular seed will emerge and grow into a plant. Different plant species have various germination rates.

Seed Germination Rate

Because each tomato seed has about 25% chance of failing, adding an extra seed can reduce the chance of both failing.

Why More Than One Seed Is Recommended Per Hole

Tomato seeds grown in containers should be sown half an inch deep into the soil. Make sure you don’t sow the seed deeper than this because it can make it hard for the seed to sprout successfully.

How Deep Should Tomato Seed Be Sown?

Moisture is a crucial factor for the growth of tomato seeds together with nutrients. However, you need to avoid over-watering the seeds. Over-watering can cause the water to drain down the soil’s nutrients.

Watering Requirements For Tomato Seed

Tomato seeds need to be grown where they can get full or maximum sun exposure. Growing tomato seed in a container is a good idea depending on your climate.

Where Can Tomato Seeds Be Grown?

We recommend you sow your tomato seeds around late February to middle March if you will be growing them indoors or in a greenhouse.

When To Plant Tomato Seed

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