How Much Will A 1000W Grow Light Cost Monthly?

Having an idea of the wattage used by your grow lights will tell you the grow light power consumption. One of the deciding profit decisions when it comes to indoor gardening centers around the appropriate method of sun substitution. This is why it’s essential you know the wattage consumption so you can plan your running cost.  

Wattage will determine the amount of power your grow light consumes. When the light wattage goes higher, it consumes more energy for electricity. The amount of wattage consumption on your grow light will majorly depend on the type of grow light used.  


To determine the cost per month of 1000w LED grow light, you need to put some things into considerations.

1000w Grow Light Cost Per Month

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Things To Consider When Calculating How Much Do Grow Lights Cost

Hours per day running grow light

Stage in the plant cycle the plant fall

Actual number of wattage to grow light draws from the wall

You need to find out the actual number of wattage consumed. Dig and read through your grow light label to find out the actual wattage specs.

Calculating 1000w Grow Light Price Per Month

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