How Ripe Is Your Zucchini? Top Tips On Checking

The plant is super productive and a fast-growing vegetable and it’s from the gourd family (Cucurbitaceae). They are popular in home gardens and supermarkets and their young fruits are cooked as vegetables. The flowers zucchini produce are as well edible and sometimes fried.

Zucchini plants are basically non-vining and bushy plants. However, some varieties are known to have a creeping habit. The stem as well as the leaves have small prickly trichomes (plants hairs). 

About Zucchini Plant

Zucchini is an annual herbaceous plant that attains maturity quickly and is very prolific. They are the member of the squash family and they will offer delicious addition to almost any summer dish.

When To Pick A Zucchini

By picking zucchini crops diligently and frequently, you can achieve a larger crop because this will boost the production of fruits.

How To Tell When Zucchini Is Ripe

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How To Tell When Zucchini Is Ripe

Appearance Rind  How Big Should Zucchini Be Before Picking?

Zucchini’s large green leaves can hide fruits that you may have never noticed before. Therefore, you should properly check under the leaves for hidden fruits.

More Tips On Picking Zucchini The Right Way

Whenever you harvest your zucchini, ensure you handle the plant gently to avoid breaking or damaging the stems. To harvest zucchini, simply use a sharp tool such as a knife, pruners, or scissors. Cut the stem one to two inches away from the fruit.

How To Harvest Zucchini

To store zucchini fruits, don’t wash them and store them in a perforated or open plastic bag for up to a week. You can also freeze the fruit for later use.

Storing Zucchini

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