How To Avoid Overwatering Your Hedera Helix Plant

English ivy grows effortlessly as long as its provided with adequate light and water.  This plant is a climber and can become unstoppable when given the right growing conditions. It is a good plant for cascading from a hanging basket or trailing across mantel.

It is easy to propagate English ivy with the simplest method being through cutting.  Simply slice a few cuttings and put them in a few inches of water.....

Propagating English Ivy

The right hedera helix watering schedule is not the same for every gardener, rather it is set personally depending on the USDA zone it is growing in....

Watering Schedule

When watering this plant, avoid giving it too much until the soil is too wet.  It’s best to keep it a little dry rather than water it too much....

Avoid Overwatering 

Did you know underwatering a plant attracts pests and diseases? A dry plant is a stressed plant – the same way your body feels when dehydrated.....

Hedera Helix Does Not Like Underwatering

Adequate Light Fertilize Your plant Well-drained Soil

Thick Brush Stroke

Other Growing Condition

Yellow Leaf
Yellow Leaf
Yellow Leaf

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