How to Compost: A Composting Guide for Beginners

As a responsible farmer or gardener, it is in your best interest to adopt the right methods that can improve your plant growth and yield. One of such methods you need to adopt is composting.

Composting is an agricultural practice that involves the addition of compost which is decomposed organic matter to the soil to improve the nutrient content and to support healthy plant growth.

What is Composting?

Thick Brush Stroke

How to Compost

Begin Building Your Pile from the Bare Floor


Pile Up the Straws and Twigs First 


Build Your Compost Materials in Layers



Composting works by the complete decomposition of solid organic waste which is turned into humus that helps to improve healthy plant growth and development.

How Does Composting Work?

Plants need nitrogen to be able to grow healthy green leaves and strong roots and stem. The plant root absorbs the nitrogen from the soil which is then transported to the stem, branches, and leaves which helps is ...


Carbon is the energy source that speeds up composting. The oxidation of carbon by the microorganism in the compost helps to produce heat in the mix which quickens the time it takes for the entire waste to be ...


With the simple yet detailed composting guide provided above, it shouldn’t be difficult to pile up your own compost using green waste from your kitchen or backyard. 


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