How to Compost in Rotating Barrels

A compost tumbler often referred to as a rotating barrel is one of the ways you can compost your kitchen waste. You can purchase a rotating barrel or a compost tumbler for use in your apartment building. Before you go looking for a good compost tumbler to buy, it is only right that you know how to compost in a rotating barrel.

Rotating barrels are also called compost tumblers and are designed as an odorless and easy method of composting. They can be purchased at retail stores that deal on gardening tools and equipment both online ...

What is a Rotating Barrel?

Makes Composting Easy

Benefits of rotating Barrels


Produce rich compost in a short time


Clean Form of Composting

Thick Brush Stroke

How to Use a Rotating Barrel

One of the problems of compost tumblers apart from the fact that a lot of them are expensive is that they can be difficult to turn. When the materials in the barrel are not properly turned, it becomes difficult for them to decompose  ...

It is important that you decide on the amount of compost you want to manufacture before buying a rotating barrel. This makes it possible for you to decide on the right size of tumbler ...

Before you Buy a Rotating Barrel

You can save yourself a great deal of stress with a rotating barrel. Also, they help to reduce the smell and dirt associated with composting. While the large compost tumblers are expensive, you can also find small sized barrels that are well priced.


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