How to Fix Blossom End Rot On your Tomatoes

One common problem you would encounter in your tomato garden is a rot at the blossom end of the fruit. It would be best to prevent the bottom of your tomatoes from rotting, but once it has started, with simple measures, you can prevent it from happening again on the same plant.

What is Blossom End Rot?

If, after performing a soil test, and you find the calcium content of your soil to be just fine, you may find it challenging to know what exactly is happening in ...

Why your Tomatoes are not Receiving Calcium 

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How to Fix Blossom End Rot On Tomatoes?

You can follow any of the following methods outlined below if you notice the bottom of your fruits is darker than usual. 

While your plants need to get the right supply of nitrogen, you want to make sure you do not apply more than necessary. When too much of the nutrient is in the soil, it encourages the ...

Keep Tabs on Nitrogen Application

If you are preparing to plant tomatoes in the planting season, you can prevent bottom end rot by using compost rich in Calcium to improve your soil nutrient.

Before Planting 

Water regularly and use a rich mulch to improve moisture retention. Tomatoes require enough Calcium and would only be able to absorb it from the soil when it is moist.

After Planting

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