How To Fix Nutrient Burn

A couple of growers may face nutrient burn sometimes during the course of their growing period. The thing is do you know how to fix nutrient burn?

Nutrient burn is the over-fertilization or overfeeding of nutrients to your plants. When you supply your plants with their required nutrient in excess, they tend to absorb all of them thus resulting in nutrient burn. 

Nutrient Burn During Flowering Info

Mostly, nutrient burn is caused when you feed your plant with too much nitrogen. Nitrogen is one of the components in plants’ nutrients and it’s mostly used during plants’ vegetative phase.

Causes Of Nutrient Burn

The first step to fixing nutrient burn is identification. Be sure your plant is suffering from a nutrient burn by looking at the signs.

Nutrient Burn Leaves Signs

Thick Brush Stroke

Learn How To Fix Nutrient Burn

Once you’ve identified that your plant is suffering from nutrient burns, it’s time to take action. The good thing is if you can detect nutrient burn early, it can be resolved before it gets any worse.


Remove Damaged Parts


System Flushing

The best thing to save your plant is to prevent nutrient burns from happening in the first place. Do all you can to reduce the chances of nutrient burn from occurring. The excess nutrient can be catastrophic to your plants if not detected on time.


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