How To Fix Root Rot Hydroponics

Hydroponics comes with so many benefits. However, there are a few challenges to it. One of these challenges is root rot. If you are struggling with root rot in your hydroponics, not too worry. We will give you the information on how to fix root rot in your hydroponics.

The first thing to fixing root rot in your hydroponics is to identify the problem. After identifying the problem, you can now take steps to solve it. Below are some ways you can detect root rot problems.

How To Fix Root Rot In Your Hydroponics

Signs should be checked from the leaves down to their roots. To tell if you have a root rot problem in your hydroponics, check for the following signs:

#1 Identifying Root Rot in Your Hydroponics

Leaves: leaves will begin turning yellow, wilting, or dry up.


Root: When you notice your leaves looking bad, that’s a sign your roots are suffering. Check your roots immediately. 


Smell: when you lift the lid of your tank to perceive the smell, the roots of your plant will smell funny.

To stand a chance of saving your plant, early detection and taking early action is the key. Do the following quick steps to save your rotting root: ...

#2 Fixing Root Rot Hydroponics

The major cause of root rot is poor air circulation in the water.

Causes Of Brown Roots In Hydroponics

Maintain a clean and sterile condition of your hydroponics.

Prevention Of Root Rot In Hydroponic

Cleanliness and good aeration are the right ways to preventing rotting of the root. Another way is to detect the symptoms on time to tackle them. If you are experiencing root rot in your hydroponics, follow our outlined steps to fix your plants.

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