How to Get Rid of Cucumber Beetles Organically

If you want to know how to get rid of cucumber beetles organically as you’re not a fan of chemical-filled pesticides, there are, luckily, a lot of simple yet effective methods to do so.

Cucumber beetles are easy to spot. They are usually ¼ inch long and have yellow-and-black stripes and dark-colored antennae and head. There are also spotted cucumber plants, which have 12 dark spots instead of stripes.

What are Cucumber Beetles?

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Ways to Get Rid of Them Organically

Adding a Companion Plants Taking Advantage of the Season Taking Care of Beneficial Insects Creating Traps Installing Row Covers


Did you know that actually adding companion plants with your cucurbits is helpful? This is because some plants can actually repel the cucumber beetle.

Adding a Companion Plants

Note that seasons play a crucial role not just in taking care of your plants but also in getting rid of certain pests like the cucumber beetle. That’s why it’s important that you take note of their ...

Taking Advantage of the Season

The suggested organic ways above are simple yet effective in getting rid of cucumber beetles. To totally quicken the removal of these pesky insects, you can also follow these additional steps that are also organic and effective: * Use Diatomaceous Earth * Practice Mulching

Additional Tips to Handle the Cucumber Beetle

Identify if you have a cucumber beetle infestation. Use one or all of the suggested organic ways to get rid of them provided above. Repeat when necessary until you can see no signs of cucumber beetles anymore. 


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