How To Grow Artichokes In Zone 5?

A mature artichoke plant reaches up to 5 feet tall and ­equally as wide. This stunning, half-hardy perennial vegetable has masses of 3-foot-long, silvery, deeply serrated leaves, and towering flower stalks. These flower stalks are topped with edible flower buds known as artichokes. Nearly 100% of all the United States’ commercial artichoke crop grows in California, where the weather is ideal for proper growth.

Growing Artichokes Hardiness Zone 5

Zone 5 likely receives mild winters meaning you can grow your artichokes as perennial. However, should winters become too cold, you can overwinter your artichokes to plant them in the coming season.

Artichokes are generally cultivated commercially in beautiful sunny California. With proper artichoke winter care, this perennial is hardy to USDA zone 6 and occasionally zone 5 if receiving mild winters.

What Zones Will Artichokes Grow In?

Artichoke thrives best where mild winters and cool, foggy summers prevail. In such weather conditions, they grow as perennials, yielding harvests for up to 5 years.

What Time Of Year Do You Plant Artichokes In Zone 5 And More?

Artichokes are native to the Mediterranean! This makes one think they cannot tolerate the chill of winter very well. Surprisingly, provided with proper care, overwintering artichoke plants is possible.

How Cold Hardy Are Artichokes?

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How To Care For Artichokes In The Winter?

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