How To Grow Spinach Indoors Hydroponically  

The spinach growing season is usually restricted to spring and fall. But with growing spinach hydroponically, you get to enjoy your spinach all year round. We are all about easy indoor gardening and we have outlined all you need to know about growing spinach indoors hydroponics. So keep reading to find out.

Growing spinach in hydroponics is very rewarding. You get to enjoy plucking your fresh leafy greens from your indoor garden rather than buying from the grocery stores. 

Spinach Hydroponic

The first thing is to germinate your seeds using rapid rooter plugs. Before germinating, always soak the seed plugs in water, you only put a couple of seeds into the plugs to get a successful result.

Tips To Growing Spinach Indoors Hydroponic

We have various types of hydroponics systems and many of them can work for growing indoor hydroponics spinach.

Hydroponic System For Growing Spinach

Spinach is a low to moderate light duration requiring plant and they don’t need too much intense light. You can supply your hydroponic spinach plant with about 10 to 14 hours of light a day.

Light Duration For Hydroponic Spinach

We want our spinach to always grow bountifully in its vegetative stage. To achieve this, you need to provide your spinach plant with NPK nutrients with a high nitrogen ratio.

Nutrient and PH Requirement For Spinach Hydroponic

Spinach does not require too high a temperature as they are cool weather crops. The appropriate temperature range for spinach is around 45 to 65 degrees Fahrenheit.

Temperature Requirements For Spinach

Because spinach is a shallow-rooted plant, it does not need a deep grow bed. So, you can give your spinach plant about 4 to 5 inches of space apart.

Hydroponic Spinach Spacing Requirement

Spinach plants should attain their full maturity around 35 to 40 days. Just like the lettuce cut and come again, you can simply harvest a small portion of your spinach.

Harvest Time Duration For Spinach Hydroponic

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Benefits Of Growing Hydroponics Spinach

Loaded With Great Nutrients 

Easy To Garden With 

All-year-round Supply 

Rapid Growth 

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