How To Harvest Leaf Lettuce

Are you ready to enjoy all-year-round fresh green salad lettuce? Let’s dive in. Lettuce leaves should be harvested the appropriate way so it keeps growing nonstop. If you’re wondering how to harvest lettuce leaf the right way, we will teach you how to go about it.

Some gardeners, especially newbies may think when you harvest lettuce leaf once you can’t come back for it again. But that’s mostly not true. If you cut your lettuce leaf the right way, you can always come again for another cut.

Planting Lettuce Leaf Right

You can start harvesting your lettuce leaf or baby lettuce when they attain about 4 inches long. The outer leaves are the best to pick so always aim to cut the outward leaves.

Learn How to Harvest Green Leaf Lettuce

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When To Harvest Leaf Lettuce

You can check your seed pack for days of maturity to know when to harvest your lettuce leaves. Depending on the kind of variety your choose, lettuce can take up to 60 to 100 days to mature.


Always harvest the outer part of the lettuce leaf throughout their growing season and harvest at the right size. Ensure you plant more lettuce progressively as you harvest. If you do this always, you will enjoy continuous growth for many more seasons. Remember, lettuces will only grow well in cool weather conditions.


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