How to Increase Humidity in Grow Tent

Regardless if you’re a highly-skilled cultivator or just a hobbyist, growing crops can be a difficult task to achieve due to weather conditions, pest infestation, and weed growth that competes with your crops’ nutrients. Fortunately, this problem can be solved with the use of a grow tent.

In order to understand the use of a grow tent, it’s practically important to know what it is. A grow tent is used as a preferred alternative in cultivating plants that are difficult to grow...

What Is a Grow Tent?

There are specific crops that are difficult to grow due to their strict weather requirements. Depending on natural weather alone can be a challenging task as it may vary from time to time.

How Important Is a Grow Tent?

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The Importance of Humidity in Plants

Humidity greatly affects your plant’s growth in such a way that it prevents plants from experiencing water evaporation. Keeping the humidity in the environment high allows the stomata (the pores in a plant that absorb water vapor in the air and enable gas exchange) to be open, hence keeping the photosynthesis working by absorbing CO2.

Learning the significance of humidity in plants, you should set an effective way for your plants to experience high humidity levels for optimal growth. Without enough humidity in the environment, this will negatively affect its growth as well as its development.

How to Increase Humidity in Grow Tents

Cultivating plants can be a difficult and challenging task since you need to be wary of the weather condition, temperature levels, and even possible pest infestation that might eat your plants. Due to these types of problems, growers start considering grow tent as a better alternative to growing highly maintained plants.


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