How to Make the Best Premade Super Soil like Magic

Make the best premade super soil ever for your beautiful garden! The secret to a blooming plant begins with a good quality mixture of soil. You just have to use good soil to get a good outcome. Use bad quality soil and you’ll most likely end up with unyielding plants.

Base materials 15% of Compost 15 % of Vermicompost 30% of Peat Moss 30% of Scoria 10% Biochar ...

What are the Ingredients Needed

1. Choose the Right Container and Mixer

What are the Steps in Completing your Super Soil

2. Know the Volume of Soil Needed

3. Add Base Materials

4. Mix All the Ingredients

5. Test your Soils pH and Biology

6. Place your Plants in your Completed Super Soil

7.  Add on the Extras

8. Mission Accomplished!

Grow your Plants in Raised Beds.

Tips in Making the Process Effective


Plant Different Kinds of Crops.


Did you enjoy the tutorial? Well, I hope you did! The detailed step by step instructions I mentioned above are essential for you to make the best super soil you’ve always wanted to achieve. You just need due diligence to follow the instructions I provided, and in the end, all the efforts will be worth it.


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