How To Propagate Umbrella Plant

The following is a guide on how to propagate umbrella plant. One way is through seed propagation and another one is through division or budding of the existing roots or better still cuttings. So, continue to read to find out.

The seed of the umbrella plant can be easily obtained from the umbrellas fruits that are ripe and can be harvested after about four months of flowering.


The umbrella plant can also be propagated through cuttings.  This method is used to propagate new plants from the cuttings of the plants that are already grown in the garden.

How To Propagate Umbrella Plant By Cuttings

It is recommended to separate the root from the surrounding soil by taking care not to damage the existing root.  The existing root can then be divided into smaller parts.

How To Propagate Umbrella Plant Through Division Of Existing Roots

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