How To Propagate Your Favorite Plants Using Rooting Powder And Water

Have you ever seen a plant that you feel so in love with you simply HAD to grow it at home? Well, that is a perfectly normal feeling and you can definitely do it very easily. This method of reproduction or cloning is called “cutting” and basically consists of – you guessed it – cutting a part of a plant to create a new one.

You may have heard the name at your local specialty garden or hydroponics supply shop. Powder rooting hormones are commercially available supplements to help with exactly that – rooting!

What is Rooting Powder?

Dosage is the tricky part of it all. If you use too little, it will be as if you had not used any. But if you overdo it, you could have the opposite effect and actually make the plant yellow and wither.

How to Use Rooting Powder

Plants that root in water usually have nodes, like vines for example. They will root more easily in water, so you should maybe try them first! In any case, with the help of the rooting powder you could try any plant.

How to Create a Cutting

Some cuttings need to be aired out or “hardened” a few days before being placed in water. This is true, for example, for geraniums. You should do this in an area without direct  ...

Some Tips on Cuttings

Although growing a plant from a cutting takes serious patience, it is really much easier and a shorter wait than doing it by growing a seed. Also, some seeds are difficult to germinate.


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