How To Repot A Snake Plant

It is a well-known antioxidant popular for its ability to remove toxin from the environment and purifies the air. They have a fascinating spiky leaf that makes an amazing sight in the home. They are amazing house care plants and not so difficult to nurture but once in a while, they need some repotting. to keep them in shape.

As earlier said, this plant is easy to grow but one can encounter some problems during the course of growing them and one of them is the need to repot the plant. 

Why Do You Need to Repot Your Snake Plant?

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Repotting a snake plant  

1.    Plant Growing From Drainage Hole 2.    Poor Drainage Pot 3.    Cracked Pot   4.    Change Of Look 5.    Plant Falling Over

You certainly will be needing a new pot for repotting. Snake plants do well in shallow pots than in deep pots as the plant’s rootstocks spread out instead of growing deeper.

How Do You Repot Snake Plant?

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Steps To Follow

Step 1 – Obtain Your Soil   Step 2 – Take Out The Plant From The Pre-existing Pot  Step 3 – Trimming   Step 4 – Set Up The Soil In The New Pot

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Steps To Follow

Step 5 – Additional Soil Mix When Required  Step 6 – Addition Of Compost  Step 7 – Water The Plant   

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