How To Space Your Pepper Plants 

Pepper plant spacing in greenhouse or pepper plant spacing in pots is very important. There are many methods of plant spacing. But we have narrowed down my research to 3 methods and will show you how to space your plants. You can use anything that fits between your rows, from bricks to small rocks, as long as they are between the plants.

Spacing your plants by row is done by simply planting your plants in a row and then using spacers to space them apart. The spacers can be purchased from the garden center or you can make your own.

Pepper Plant Spacing By Row- 1st Method 

Planting your pepper plants in blocks. This is the most popular method of spacing peppers. It also gives you the opportunity to get a close look at how much space each plant will occupy in the garden.

Pepper Plant Spacing In Blocks – 2nd Method

Planting your pepper plants in rows and then using spacers.  The first method is easiest to do, but not the best as it limits your plants to one row.

Pepper Plant Spacing – 3rd method

Spacing pepper plants is important because pepper plants grow very fast. If the plants are too close together, they will compete for sunlight and space.

Why Is Pepper Plant Spacing Important

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