How To Spot When Cilantro Is Ready To Pick

Cilantro herb leaf and coriander seeds grow on the same plant, also known as Chinese parsley. It is a warm-weather annual plant popularly used in many cultures and cuisines throughout the world, especially in Indian, Asian, Middle Eastern, Mexican, Indian, Mediterranean, Chinese, and many more.

It is possible to harvest your cilantro 4 weeks after starting your seeds. Your cilantro plants will be at least 6 inches tall by this time and ready for pinching off the outer larger leaves or cutting them with a pair of scissors.  

When Is Cilantro Ready To Harvest?

Cilantro grows back when you harvest it, but it does not grow back after cutting at the end of the growing season. This annual herb reseeds itself well if you allow your plants to flower and go to seed.

Will Cilantro Grow Back After Cutting?

Harvesting: Harvest your cilantro from the 4th week by pinching at least ¼ to 1/3 of the leaves.  Reseeding: If you allow your cilantro plant to flower and seed during its growing season, the seeds will fall off and start new seeds

How do you trim cilantro, so it keeps growing? 

Cilantro has a concise life cycle.  It flowers in the summer after a few harvests.  Once it blooms, it’s on its way to seeding and then ends the growing process.

Should You Let Cilantro Flower After It’s Ready To Harvest?

Harvesting coriander seeds is easy and provides you with a good quality of seeds to use in your cuisines.  To harvest coriander seeds, allow your cilantro plant to flower and produce green fruit, which is the seeds.

Harvesting Coriander Seeds From Cilantro

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Why Is My Cilantro Plant Falling Over?

Underwatering Overwatering Exposure to Extreme Temperatures  Nutrient Deficient or Grown in Poor Soils  Diseases and Pests

Yellow Leaves
Yellow Leaves
Yellow Leaves

In about 4 weeks after planting, cilantro will be at least 6 inches tall.  Not all the plants are the same to have different heights.

How Tall Should Cilantro Be Before Harvesting?

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