How To Sprout Potatoes Before Planting Them

Potatoes do not have seeds, so they grow in a different process than other vegetables. Potatoes grow from their products that you set aside as seed.

1. Organic Potato Seeds.  2. Darkness and Light. 3. Moisture and Warmth.

What Do Potatoes Need To Sprout? 

It’s best to use organically grown potatoes as seed. Chemically grown potatoes have a sprout retardant that slows down sprouting or completely stops them.

Organic Potato Seeds

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How To Sprout Potatoes The Right Way

Get your Seeds Ready 


Place your Potato Seeds where you want them to Sprout


Plant the Sprouted Potatoes in the Garden

Buy your seeds from a reputable potato seed seller or get your own from a previous harvest. Your potato seeds must be organic. Never use potatoes that are treated as they may ...

Get your Seeds Ready 

Now that you have learned how to sprout potatoes, go ahead and grow your own. You will enjoy a good potato harvest a little earlier. 


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