Do you know what is and how to use kelp meal? Whether you are growing indoors or outdoor plants, the one element you want to see is healthy plants. With organic farming practices growing more popular, it’s paramount you get acquainted. Organic farming is successful with the use of safe organic fertilizers.

Kelp meal comes from dried seaweed. The seaweed is brown in color; a type of marine algae. It is a rich product of the ocean, dried, and then pulverized into a meal product and used as a fertilizer.  

What is Kelp Meal?

It contains macronutrients – Nitrogen, Phosphorus, and Potassium (N-P-K). They are present in small amounts that are not harmful to the plants. It also gives sufficient vitamins, amino acids, and over sixty  ...

What Nutrients Does Kelp Meal Contain?

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How to use Kelp Meal and Its Application Rate 

Outdoor vegetable garden beds


When transplanting seedlings


To feed growing plants


House plants

Kelp meal not only contains a surplus of micronutrients, but it’s also affordable giving you value for your money.  With the nutrients absorbing slower than usual, it means a little goes a long way.  Just like drinking your coffee from a coffee cup then switching to a drinking straw! You enjoy every sip for longer!


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