How To Use Rapid Rooters Plugs

Let’s gain some knowledge about how to use rapid rooters. Rapid rooters are made up of organic materials and composted tree bark. It is a great medium for germinating seeds and cuttings, especially for your hydroponics.

Step 1- Soak your Rapid Rooter Plugs Step 2 – Seed Planting Step 3 – Keep Moist and Cover Grow Tray

How to Use Rapid Rooters for Your Hydroponic

After a couple of weeks, the seedlings sprout, therefore, they can now be placed under light to boost their growth.

Transplanting Your Seedlings from Rapid Rooters Plugs

You can transplant your seedlings into any hydroponic grow medium, you can also transplant into dirt or soil. After transplanting them into your . . .

Transplanting to Your Hydroponics

Cloning your plants with rapid rooters is pretty similar to seed germination.

How to Use Rapid Rooters for Cloning

Rapid rooters do a great job when used for rooting and they are ideal for cuttings and seedlings. It promotes healthy and vigorous early rooting for the development of your plant.


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