Hydroponic Lettuce Light Requirements

You might have an interest in growing lettuce hydroponically and you are wondering what the light requirements are. This is why we have put together information on hydroponic lettuce light requirements for you...

So let’s look at some of the hydroponic lettuce light requirements. 1. Light Duration Requirement 2. Temperature 3. Grow light 4. Other Growing Requirements For Lettuce

Hydroponic Lettuce Growing Light Requirements

The adequate light duration for lettuce is about 10 to 12 hours. Lettuce is a low light plant and it won’t do well in full sun...

Light Duration Requirement

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Lettuce does well in cooler temperatures. The high temperature will cause your lettuce plant to bolt or go into the flowering phase. When this happens, your lettuce plant will taste annoyingly bad...

Lettuce does not require much light. So for this reason, most growers go for fluorescent lighting...

Grow light

Let’s take a look at some other growing requirements: 1. Growing Media 2. pH Range 3. Nutrient Solutions...

Other Growing Requirements For Lettuce

Growing lettuce hydroponically is of great benefits and you can grow any varieties of lettuce in your hydroponics system. Lettuce has low light requirements and they are fast-growing. So be assured of ready available nutritious leafy green at your disposal.


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