Is High Or Low Humid Better For Tomato Growth?

There is no joy like going to the farmers market or the grocery store and shopping for your week or months-long groceries.  However, before you spend a ton of money on these expensive fruits and vegetables, be sure you know how to them fresh for the longest.

A refrigerator has many compartments to store different kinds of foods.  The two drawers in the bottom of your refrigerator are called crisper drawers, and they preserve your vegetables.  

The Refrigerator

It matters because of ethylene.  Ethylene is a plant hormone available in fruits and vegetables.  Lots of fruits and vegetables release this hormone as a gas sign for fruit and vegetables to ripen.

Why Does It Matter Vegetables Low Or High Humidity?

That said, so what should you store in low humidity open window drawer?  Fruits and vegetables that poducEthylenene should be stored there.  These include apples, tomatoes, avocadoes, etc.

So Do You Store Tomatoes In High Or Low Humidity?

It is best to store your produce in the packaging you bought them in.  If you need to change, loosely wrap it in paper or perforated plastic bags.

The Best Way To Store Your Produce 

Please note, not everything belongs in the refrigerator!  Some fruits and veggies will do best when left on the counter. 

Is Everything Else Stored In The Refrigerator?

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