Is It Safe to Compost Human Waste?

If you are a fanatic of green living, then you would be aware of the benefits of recycling waste. It doesn’t matter if it is your leftover food or urine from your toilet, there are methods to convert it into nutrients, for the plant.

While it is safe to compost human waste, you should be careful not to use humanure on edible garden plants. What this means is that you can use it on ornamental plants and lawn grass, but not on your veggies and fruits. 

Is It Safe to Compost Human Waste? 

Commercial composters are large scale facilities with the right equipment to process a high volume of waste. Night soil which is the term that is used to refer to waste ...

How to Collect Human Waste?

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What is the Best Method of Composting Humanure?

Use a Composting Toilet  Tips on How to Successfully Compost Human Waste 


A composting toilet is the easiest way to convert your toilet waste to manure without getting your hands dirty. All you need do is to install the system and do your business, then occasionally turn the composter to speed up the whole process.

Use a Composting Toilet

* Use a Composter * Keep it Dry * Use Lime * Avoid Using it on Edible-Plants

Tips on How to Successfully Compost Human Waste

Composting is of great benefit, as it is a great way to convert waste into organic matter for use in agriculture. If you are a gardener, you can provide your plants with rich soil nutrients by starting a backyard compost bin. 


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