Leaving Grow Lights On 24 Hours

The impact of grow lights in hydroponics gardening is very essential as it mimics the work done by natural sunlight. There’s is no disputing that leaving grow light on for long will result in faster growth.

It is not the best idea to leave your grow light on for 24 hours even if your plants are not getting enough light supply. The best solution is to obtain more light installations or switch to a stronger grow light.

Can You Leave Grow Lights On 24 Hours A Day: Ideal Or Not?

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Reasons Why Leaving Grow Lights On For 24 Hours Isn’t Ideal

Let’s take a look at some reasons why leaving your grow lights on 24 hours is not recommended:


1. No Resting Time For Plants: when you run your grow light all day, your plants will have no time to rest.


2. Not Ideal For The Flowering Phase: 24 hours lighting duration is not ideal for plants that need to enter the flowering phase.


3. Additional Cost: An additional cost is another reason. More electricity will be used and it might require you to change the bulb frequently.


4. Additional Heat: more heat is will be emitted when you leave the grow lights all day.


5. Puts Stress On Equipment: additional stress is put on your equipment as they are working all day without rest. This can reduce the lifespan of your equipment.

Put these factors into consideration when deciding the duration to leave grow lights on:

How To Determine Light Duration: Factors To Consider For 24 Hours Of Light


1. Type Of Plants: there are different types of plants namely low-light, medium-light, and high-light plants. 


2. Type Of Grow Light: the types of grow light we have are LED, compact fluorescents, regular bulbs, metal halide, and high-intensity discharge lights.


3. Growing Phase: vegetative type of plants may benefit from 24 hours light duration.

It is required to supply your hydroponics plants with at least 12 hours of light and at most 18 hours of light daily.

What Are The Ideal Hours For Running Grow Light?

All flowering plants and fruit-bearing plants require 20 to 40 moles of light daily.

Light Output Plants Require

Leaving your grow lights on for 24 hours will sure supply your plants more light and if you notice they aren’t getting adequate light, increasing the number of light supply is fine. However, this is usually not the ideal way out.


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