List of Things You Can Compost

It is important that you apply fertilizer to your garden occasionally. You will also need fertilizer to use on your lawn, farm, and aquaponic system. Many farmers are aware that not all fertilizers are safe for use on your plants.

One of the foremost benefits of composting is that it helps to support the production of beneficial microorganisms such as fungi and bacteria which aids in the break down of organic matter leading ...

Benefits of Composting

The basic thing you need to know about composting is that there are three ingredients required for the process to take place and ...

The Basics of Composting

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Items you can Compost with 

We have compiled a list of all the available things you can use when piling up your compost. Some of the materials mentioned here will not be acceptable to some of us due to the fear that these ingredients may support the emergence of pests in your ...

While they might cut across like a domestic waste product, these materials have no benefit to your compost as they do not have the ability to decompose even when they are left in the pile for a long period ...

Things You Can’t Compost with

The best place for you to compost outside your home is at the back of the house or at the side of your farm. There are a number of ways you can prepare your ...

Composting Outside your home

With the materials mentioned above, you should be able to determine which items to use when next you are planning your compost pile. Have you tried making your own compost before and how did you go about it? We will like to hear from you in the comment section. 


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